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How to cancel an order

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***Order Cancellation Policy updated on January 12, 2023***

We reserve the right to cancel orders at our sole discretion.

Buy now

For buy-now orders, you may cancel your order within one (1) hour of placing it. There will be two options to receive your refund:

1) We will issue a full refund in Ox Credits only, inclusive of Ox Credits that used on the order.

2) We will issue a cash refund back to the original payment method but all promo codes used and marketing-related credits will be forfeited and will not be reinstated.

Please reach out to us on live chat or email us at support@oxstreet.com to start the cancellation process.

After the cancellation period has passed, kindly refer to our 'Return Policy'.

Used Pairs / Brand New with Defect

Used pair and Brand new with defect orders is not allowed to be canceled at any time. The condition is stated on the listing page and once the buyer places the order, the buyer is committing that he fully understands and agrees with the said condition.


For offers-accepted orders, cancellation is not allowed once the offer has been accepted by a seller.

Why so strict?

When your offer gets accepted, that means a seller is pressing 'Sell now' on your offer. Our promise to sellers is for that transaction to be solid, and the order to go through. Your offers are made at the price of your choosing, and are a promise to buy that product at a later date.


If your order is canceled before you have been charged, you may see a pending authorization on your card that will ultimately disappear from your account in a few days. You will not be charged for the order.

If your order is canceled after you have already been charged for the order, we will refund you the amount you paid for the item(s) onto your original payment method. Please allow your financial institution 3-5 business days (Monday - Friday excluding holidays) to fully process the refund.

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