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***Shipping Costs updated on February 20, 2023***

Shipping duration is calculated only AFTER we have received and authenticated items from sellers. This step depends on the seller's location and speed of shipping. You can find more details and a full explanation of the expected shipping time here.

Customs duties and taxes

As a buyer on Ox Street, you may incur additional charges depending on the cost of the item and the shipping country.

Shipping costs per country are listed below, in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

We currently ship to:


12.50 SGD

Malaysia (MY)

24 SGD

Thailand (TH)

46 SGD

Indonesia (ID)

45 SGD

Philippines (PH)

45 SGD

Vietnam (VN)

54 SGD

Hong Kong (HK)

40 SGD

Australia (AU)

55 SGD

Myanmar (MM)

25 SGD

Brunei (BN)

55 SGD

India (IN)

65 SGD


60 SGD


73 SGD

Germany (DE)

73 SGD

China (CN)

60 SGD

Korea, Rep. Of (KR)

55 SGD

Taiwan (TW)

30 SGD

Papua New Guinea (PG)

73 SGD

New Zealand (NZ)

55 SGD

United Arab Emirates (AE)

157 SGD

United Kingdom (GB)

73 SGD

Pakistan (PK)

42 SGD

Netherlands, The (NL)

73 SGD

Canada (CA)

73 SGD

Cayman Islands

197 SGD


55 SGD

If you live in a country that is not on the list, we will also gladly ship to you. Just contact us for a quote on shipping costs.

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