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As a marketplace, Ox Street connects buyers and sellers across the region. In addition, we partner with big sellers overseas to provide access to the world's best sneakers at good prices.

When buying on Ox Street, the products undergo a 4 step process:

  • Confirmed: Waiting for the seller ships the product to us

  • Seller shipped: The seller has confirmed the order and shipped the product to Ox Street. This step can take from 1 day to 14 days depending on the location of the seller

  • Authentication: Our team will make sure the item is authentic and within BNDS quality standards. This will take no more than 1 working day

  • Shipping to you: We ship the order to your address. The shipping time depends on your location and the courier of your choice

When you are about to buy something, we give you our estimation for the total time it will take to complete the above 4 steps. These shipping times are estimations, and we get 95% of orders done within the time.

Here are some indicative total transit times:

  • Seller in Singapore -> Buyer in Singapore: 3 working days

  • Seller in Singapore -> Buyer in Malaysia: 5 working days (~1 week)

  • Seller in Overseas -> Buyer in Singapore: 10 working days (~14 days)

  • Seller in Overseas -> Buyer in Overseas: 10 - 13 working days (~12 - 18 days)

Rest assured, it is our goal at Ox Street to have the items delivered to you as fast as possible.

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