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Oxtober Seller Fest Terms & Conditions
Oxtober Seller Fest Terms & Conditions
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Campaign Mechanics

Ox Street will be doing a contest and award 3 sellers with the most amount of transacted sales on Ox Street. The whole campaign will run throughout October and sales accumulated will be based on the Ox Street email that is registered under a TypeForm link provided on the post. Winners will be notified via e-mail and Ox Credits will be credited into the respective accounts for 2nd and 3rd prize. The 1st prize will be issued an E-voucher which the user can redeem his/her sneakers via our live support. Winners have to be verified their Facebook name, to ensure the prize-winner is a member of YBSG.

What is Ox Street giving away?

We will be giving 3 Prizes to the TOP 3 sellers who have made the most sales in Ox Street throughout October

  • 1st Prize - An E-voucher which can redeemed a FREE BNDS Jordan 1 High OG “Chicago Reimagined”, aka Lost and Found, which will be given to you on official release date.

  • 2nd Prize - 300 Ox Credits credited into your Ox Street account.

  • 3rd Prize - 200 Ox Credits credited into your Ox Street account.

OX STREET x YBSG Oxtober Seller Fest Terms & Conditions

  • This is a campaign exclusively for ALL YBSG community members only, each contestant have to be a part of the community in order to be eligible.

  • Each participant has to have his/her own Ox Street seller account, which will be tracked accordingly to the amount of sales made throughout the whole of October.

  • Participating in this campaign will deemed that users have acknowledged in the terms and conditions provided by Ox Street and Ox Street reserves the rights to disqualify participants if sales are identified to be self-transacted or in any forms of abuse.

  • Prizes are not refundable or exchangeable for cash.

  • The E-voucher for Jordan 1 High OG “Chicago Reimagined”, aka Lost and Found provided by Ox Street for the grand winner can be redeemed after the official release date, which we will be contacting the winner on the day itself.

  • By participating in this campaign, Prize-winners will have their consents to disclose their names or photos in forms of social publicity purposes. Participants are obliged to agree and cooperate in activities conducted in the whole campaign process.

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