My used listing got rejected. Why?
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Besides being authentic, Ox Street also requires all used items to be as described in the listing. Therefore, it is important to that you indicate all defects that when listing your item. During authentication, if we discover defects that were not stated beforehand, or we find that your item is not authentic, your sale might be cancelled.

If our team finds issues with your pair, we may in some cases ask the buyer if they are okay with the discrepancies, and ask you as a seller if you are willing to give a discount. We will try our best to still make a deal happen if the issues are minor.

If the buyer refuses to accept the pair, or the discrepancy is unacceptable, your sale will be cancelled.

If you sent us the wrong product, your sale will also get rejected.

If your pair gets rejected you will need to pay for the return shipping to your address.

Return Shipping Fees:

  • Singapore - 12 SGD

  • Malaysia - 20 SGD

  • Others - 40 SGD

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