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What if my pair is authentic but rejected for another reason?
What if my pair is authentic but rejected for another reason?
What if the pair is rejected for damage, or signs of use, or if you ship the wrong pair
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Besides being authentic, Ox Street may also reject pairs based on quality issues or damages. For all sneakers sold as 'Brand new, and deadstock' ('BNDS'), you can read more about how we define this state in the dedicated article here.

In a nutshell, your BNDS pairs may get rejected for among other reasons:

  • Damage to the sneakers

  • Damage to the box

  • Manufacturing defects outside of certain acceptable boundaries

  • Signs of use, including dirty outsoles

If our team finds issues with your pair, we may in some cases ask the buyer if they are ok with the defects, and ask you as a seller if you are willing to give a discount. We will try our best to still make a deal happen if the issues are minor.

In case the buyer does not want to take the pair, or the damage is at an unacceptable level, your sale will be cancelled. In some cases you may be able to consign your pair with us as 'used' or 'new with defects'.

Used and New with Defects

We pre-check all used listings based on the photos you send. If the pair you ship us differs significantly from the photos, it will be rejected. Once you list your used pair for sale, please do not continue to wear it. The condition will degrade further and that may lead to a rejection.

If you sent us the wrong product, your sale will also get rejected.

If your pair gets rejected you will need to pay for the return shipping to your address!

Return Shipping Fees:

  • Singapore - 12 SGD

  • Malaysia - 20 SGD

  • Others - 40 SGD

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