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How does Ox Street define Brand New, Deadstock?
How does Ox Street define Brand New, Deadstock?

Read what kinds of quality variances and box damage are acceptable for our verification process

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Ox Street will pass products that are authentic, new, and unworn. Products also have to come in the original box, with the box lid and the correct label. They also need to include all original accessoires, such as extra laces that were included upon purchase from the retailer.

Product condition

The following types of things will still pass 'Deadstock' inspection:

  • Being unlaced, or laced up

  • Tried on for fit

  • Manufacturing defects that are commonly present, like:

    • Glue stains

    • Stitching variations

    • Color variations

    • Material variations, in particular with Suede

Box condition

During transit from the retailer to the first owner, and/or during storage and aging, various kinds of box damage may occur which we will also pass as BNDS:

  • Discoloration from storage, in particular on older items

  • Rubbing, minor scuffs and dents, or box deformation

  • Rips and minor tears that do not threaten the integrity of the box and/or contents

In cases where we encounter significant damage and/or defects, we may reach out to the buyer for confirmation before shipping the product. In such cases, after a buyer has double confirmed we no longer accept returns for that pair.

โ€‹Older pairs of sneakers
Signs of aging, including yellowing are likely for older pairs of sneakers. Moreover, sneakers that are over 5 years old can suffer from structural weakness and lack of durability. These should be worn at your own risk.

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