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Why can't I use pace or credits for offers?
Why can't I use pace or credits for offers?
You can only use a credit/debit card for offers. Here's why
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With offers you commit to buying at that price for 21 days into the future, or until you cancel the offer.

Our sellers rely on the offers being good, and their sales going through if they press 'Sell now' on their side. That means, that we need to be able to charge you later when you make an offer.

With pace, as well as our other payment methods like Crypto and Apple Pay, this is not possible. So if you would want to use pace for offers, we would have to charge you the amount upfront, and cancel it if the offer does not get accepted, which would be extremely costly both for our buyers as well as for us.

For a similar reason, you can also not use credits on offers. If we were to enable credits for offers, people would make multiple offers using the same credits. That means that if more than one offer gets accepted, they will be paying more than they expected. Buyers will not accept that and it will lead to cancellations, which is not acceptable to our sellers.

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