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What happens if my items are found to be fake?
What happens if my items are found to be fake?
The penalties for selling fake items
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If you send items to us that we deem inauthentic or unsellable we will immediately cancel your sale, and refund the buyer the full amount paid for the item. You will have the option to have your items returned to you during which we will invoice you for the return shipping cost. If you do not wish to have your items returned, we may dispose of them for you.

Note, action regarding this matter is limited to 14 days, if you do not respond within this time frame we will automatically dispose of your items. We recognize that sellers themselves can sometimes inadvertently provide inauthentic products, so we will give sellers the benefit of the doubt on first time offenses.

However, should we encounter inconsistent and inauthentic items from the same seller more than once, we will take action by imposing penalty fees or an account suspension.

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