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As a seller, do I pay for shipping?
As a seller, do I pay for shipping?
Shipping as a Seller
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Depends on your location!

Singapore: 6 SGD

Malaysia: 10 SGD (~34 RM depending on exchange rate)

The Philippines: 45 SGD (~1,630 PHP)

Australia & New Zealand: 35 SGD (~35 AUD)

Hong Kong: 20 SGD (~115 HKD)

Taiwan: 20 SGD (~439 TWD)

Indonesia: 20 SGD (~215,000 IDR)

Vietnam: 40 SGD (~690,000 VND)

Thailand: 30 SGD (~710 THB)

The shipping charge will be deducted from your payout, and you can easily check your exact future payout (in SGD) while you are creating your listing or using Sell Now.

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