Can I cancel my sale?
Cancellation of sale
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If you are a seller reading this, you are probably also a buyer sometimes. We first ask you to think about this from the perspective of a buyer. It's a terrible experience to be cancelled, and we ask you to reconsider honouring the deal you promised when you made the listing. Our goal at Ox Street is to provide buyers with a game-changing experience in buying sneakers in the resale market. This depends highly on our sellers being reliable and fast.

If you still must cancel a sale, please take note of the following:

Sell Now

We are unable to accept cancellations on any 'Sell Now' transactions. Sell Now happens only if you personally choose to press the button. Failure to ship after using Sell Now will result in a 15% cancellation fee being charged to your payment card.

Canceling a sale if a buyer purchased your listing

While we understand that accidents do happen, please be reminded of the importance of keeping your inventory up-to-date. We have a strict policy to improve the experience of buying on Ox Street. If you fail to make a shipping arrangement with the Ox Street team within the 2 working days timeline, a flat 24 SGD penalty fee will be charged to your debit/credit card.

Please make sure you keep your listings up to date. If you wish to check on your listings again, please update them on or let us know if we can help with anything else.

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