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Buying and selling sneakers in Asia is a pain

No more dealing with annoying sellers, and waiting at a dodgy train station for 30 minutes for the seller to show up. No more buyers messaging you to trade their crappy Yeezys for your new Jordans. In Indonesia or the Philippines, you may get a 30-70% surprise extra fee in shipping and taxes. If you're buying local, prices are high, and then you still have to find a way to make sure you are buying a legit product. As sneaker collectors and well-dressed people ourselves, we were sick and tired of the status quo and started Ox Street to deal with all these issues.

Ox Street solves all of these problems

  • Authenticity: We guarantee all products are authentic, otherwise you get a full refund

  • Speed: We connect the markets locally, meaning we are often close to 80% faster than international players (days, not weeks)

  • Cost: Lower shipping rates to most locations within Asia.

  • Negotiating: No more dealing with the other side of the table. Just make offers for the products you want, and sellers will be automatically notified. As a seller, you can see available offers and Sell Now, or list your items for the price you want

Ox street is the future of street culture in Asia, and the best way to buy and sell authentic sneakers.

Founded in 2019 to bring trust and safety to the market, our platform offers the greatest selection of sneakers ranging from general releases to rare exclusives. Ox Street became part of the Carousell Group in October 2021, and we are more committed than ever to our mission. Whether you’re buying sneakers, discovering new ones, or selling existing ones, Ox street is your destination. Always guaranteed authentic.

Look, we know you would rather be buying for retail directly from Nike. So do we. But we guarantee you that Ox Street is the next best thing!

New users enjoy $15 on your first order. Sign Up now to redeem the promo code.

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