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What are Ox Credits?
What are Ox Credits?

Everything you need to know about Ox Credits

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Ox Credits are store credits that can be earned for discounts on future orders. Every Ox Credit has a value equal to 1 Singapore Dollar, our platform's reference currency for all transactions. Ox Credits are valid for 90 days and will automatically expire. Some marketing Ox Credits might expire sooner depending on how you receive them. There are several different ways to earn Ox Credits.

Earning Ox Credits

* New users enjoy $15 on your first order. Sign up now to redeem the promo code.

* Invite your friends. You will earn Ox Credits when they make a purchase

* Participate in actions and contests. The best way to stay in the loop is to stay subscribed to our newsletter and follow our Instagram Account.

Spending Ox Credits

You can spend Ox Credits on any 'Buy Now' transaction. It is not possible to use Credits when you make an offer. When you reach the final step of the checkout, where you select your payment method, any available credits will be automatically applied. A maximum amount of 100 Credits per order applies, and the minimum order value to use Ox Credits is 150 SGD or the equivalent in your local currency. You can choose to apply a smaller amount in case you want to save some of your credits for a future transaction. It is not possible to redeem Ox Credits for cash.

Abuse of the rewards system

We are very strict when there are indications that customers create multiple accounts to give themselves more Ox Credits. Creating multiple accounts is strictly not allowed and if we get the suspicion that our rewards system is being taken advantage of, we reserve the right to cancel any credits, and restrict the users' accounts.

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