The breakdown for shipping costs are listed below. We currently ship to:
Singapore - 10 SGD
Malaysia - 15 SGD
Indonesia - 30 SGD
Phillippines - 40 SGD
Thailand - 25 SGD
Australia - 35 SGD
Vietnam - 10 SGD
Brunei - 40 SGD
Hong Kong - 20 SGD

If you live in a country that is not in the list, we will also gladly ship to you. Just contact us for a quote on shipping costs.

Note: Shipping duration is calculated only AFTER we have received and authenticated items from sellers. This step will usually take an additional 2-5 days depending on the seller location and speed of shipping.

Customs duties and taxes
As a buyer on Ox Street you may incur additional charges depending on the cost of the item and the shipping country.
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