Ox Street is the best platform in Asia to sell your deadstock sneakers
From very high seller shipping fees, to paying 'luxury tax' when shipping to platforms in the US, to dealing with annoying buyers on Carousell and other local platforms, selling sneakers from anywhere in Asia can be quite a pain. We are solving those issues through our Singapore based, regional marketplace for sneakers.

Currently we are only open to sellers in Singapore and Hong Kong
In order to start selling on Ox Street you must first “Upgrade to Seller”. The upgrade will require you to provide us with information to verify your identity and bank account details. To ensure quality and authenticity of our items, we manually approve all new sellers on Ox Street. As soon as your request has been approved we will notify you via email.

If you are residing in a different country,
please use this link to enter our waiting list. That way you'll be the first to know when we open for sellers in your country.

How to sell on Ox Street
Sign Up to create a buyer account first. You will need this as your base account on Ox Street
Upgrade to seller. You can find the 'Upgrade' button on the homepage by scrolling down or on your profile

Upgrading to a seller account
You will be asked to sign up with Stripe and provide the necessary payout information. Please note that we do not store any of your payout or NRIC data on our own servers. We rely on Stripe for this, which is known as one of the most secure platforms in the world.

Please use the same email address on Stripe as you used to setup your Ox Street account. We need this to link the two together.

Start selling

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