Once your account has been approved for selling, simply use our search function to type part of the product name and select the right SKU from the list provided. We recommend double-checking the SKU number, which can be found either on the box, or inside the item. After that, press "SELL" to view the Highest Current Offers per size and select the correct size.

You have the choice to either “Sell Now” or “Create Listing”. By selecting “Sell Now”, you will immediately sell your item at the displayed price, which is the highest current offer from a buyer. If you want to wait and see if you can get a better price, select “Create Listing” and enter the price you are hoping to sell for. We cannot offer any guarantees that your item will sell at your preferred “Price”. You will, however, always have the option to “Sell Now” if you no longer wish to wait.

After your listing is completed, we may contact you to obtain additional information, including product photos.

Note, we currently only accept deadstock items, which here at Ox Street is defined as any shoe that is new, in the original box, and inclusive of all accessories. We allow shoes that have been taken out of the box, tried on, and even touched without gloves.
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